Poverty Proofing the School Day

Living in poverty can lead to an increased likelihood of adverse effects on physical and mental wellbeing, in addition to poorer future life outcomes.

It’s more difficult for children living in poverty to access education at the same level emotionally and mentally as children who are not living in poverty.

Living Well Schools brings together resources and tools that can help in a variety of ways. These can include targeted pupil support or a whole school approach.

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Spotlight Programs

Glasses in Classes

Glasses in Classes is a research study carried out by Born in Bradford. Bradford children are tested in Reception for their eyesight – but too many of those identified with sight problems do not go on to get the glasses they need, which has a knock-on effect on their learning. The programme is a great opportunity for schools and health services to work together across Bradford district to improve our children’s attainment. The aim is to share vision screening results with schools and provide a pair of ‘school’ glasses to children to ensure they are not disadvantaged in the classroom. We have attached an information sheet outlining the study. Get in touch for more details – alison.bruce@bthft.nhs.uk


Removing barriers for children doing sport

Action For Sport is a national charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. We are based in Yorkshire and are proud to support both our local communities and communities all around the UK. The charity is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through the recycling of sporting footwear, clothing and equipment. We ensure that we promote environmentalism throughout all of our projects. We do this through providing what is needed to take part in any sports to pupils that aren’t able to afford it, in a non-stigmatizing manner.

Dedicated Resources

Cost of the School Day Toolkit by Child Poverty Action Group


This toolkit is designed to get everyone talking about The Cost of the School Day. This resource helps all members of your school community - children and young people, teachers and school staff, parents and carers – to join the discussion and have input into making Cost of the School Day changes. Every school is unique, so this toolkit ensures that every school community can form a unique plan.

Newly updated and refreshed, this toolkit sets out the Cost of the School Day process in five straightforward steps; and features editable action plans, updated information and resources to facilitate whole school conversations about the barriers costs create and how to tackle them, and lots of new practice suggestions.

You can either download the full toolkit, or download each step separately as you work through the process. If you decide to take it step by step, its a good idea to read the introduction and overview to begin with to help plan your activities. Click on the web address to access.