Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are an important part of a child’s physical and mental wellbeing. They can make a child feel supported and secure, whilst unhealthy relationships can have a lasting negative impact.

Learning to navigate relationships and deal with conflict in a positive, constructive way is a key life skill and schools play a vital role in developing this.

Living Well Schools brings together resources to help with lesson planning, key local services for universal RSE provision, alongside targeted and specialist support dependant on your school’s needs.


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Spotlight Programs

RSE Health Education Programme

In March 2021, we announced our partnership with HALE and JAMES to provide a new and updated formula for Bradford schools to deliver their Relationships, Sex and Health Education. As a part of this programme, the partner organisations have employed a qualified teacher and specialist youth workers to deliver the programme to Bradford Secondary schools, in line with DFE guidelines. We can tailor our programme to the needs of the schools and their students. The programme includes sessions on identity and values, boundaries, gender and sexuality, consent and peer pressure, teenage relationship abuse, sexual health and contraception and pornography.

Trusted Relationships (1:1 and group work)

The main aim of both the 1:1 work and the group work is to deliver preventative work to both schools and communities. Training has taken place with teachers, parents and support staff.

Turnaround & 1-1 Trusted Relationships – We are a young people’s service offering support around Bradford.

Staying Safe, Running Away/Going Missing,Grooming and sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation

If you are feeling unsafe, pressured or forced into doing things that you don’t want to do….. if you feel that you are starting to lose control of your life
• We’re here to help you stay safe• To listen to you
• To offer advice and guidance
• To offer support in a way that meets your needs
• To ensure you have your voice heard
• To help without judging you
We work flexibly with young people and we know it may take some time to get to know us


Sexual Health Services for Young People

Sexual health services are still available during coronavirus. The link below provides information about finding contraception, testing for sexually transmitted infections and advice if someone thinks they might be pregnant.

Sexual health services | Bradford Council

Locala provide the sexual health services for Bradford. Click below if needing information to signpost a young person to sexual health services/STI checking/sexual health information in Bradford.

Sexual health services information

Dedicated Resources

Scarleteen: Sex and Relationships Website.

Sex ed for the real world. Website providing inclusive, comprehensive, supportive sexuality and relationships information for teens and emerging adults.

Educate and Celebrate: LGBTQ+ Friendly Schools

Educate & Celebrate is a UK based charity with the vision 'Making schools and organisations LGBT+Friendly' that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans. For information, resources and model policies to support schools to become LGBT inclusive.

Stonewall: Free Best Practice Toolkits and Resources

Stonewall is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity in the United Kingdom. For free resources to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in education environments and help create more inclusive spaces.

Brook - Sexual Health and Wellbeing Advice for Young People

Free & confidential sexual health and wellbeing experts for young people. Offering information on: contraception; STIs; pregnancy; sex; gender; sexuality; my body; abuse; relationships; wellbeing; staying safe online and vaginas & vulvas.